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Botany + Blooms Collective has established connections with the most superior floral suppliers ~ both locally grown, as well as Specialty Imports sourced from around the world from the most trusted brokers in the industry. We make it our mission to provide quality cut florals and potted botanicals ~ including tropicals, potted orchids, air plants and an abundance of floral supplies for plant and flower lovers alike!

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Our Story

As a young girl frolicking in the back of Mom’s garden, the curiosity of crawly things on the most gorgeous, fragrant garden Peonies were simply some of the most magical moments at the beginning of a most promising career digging in dirt! Even at such a young age I found peace and serenity in working with elements of the earth ~ my retreat. This connection evolved into a career as a certified Master Horticulturist with an extensive knowledge of plants, insects and disease, which led me to be wholeheartedly dedicated to growing Organically by practicing and implementing Integrated Pest Management protocols. Always with a keen eye for the rarest of varieties, a strong passion for design and several highly superb design opportunities, I was able to further my plant & floral aspirations to all new heights!

A Horticulturist for now over 20 years, my wealth of knowledge & experience in growing crops and Floral Artistry has given me the focus to detail that is needed in selecting the most superior product. The desire to work with the community and bring together creatives dedicated to their craft and growing as a Collective whole is what inspired us at Botany + Blooms Collective. We are excited to share our specially curated selection of plants, flowers and supplies ~ all available to designers in our community across the Okanagan. We are ready to enhance the industry in our community as we know it – we welcome you to the Collective!

Owner ~ Cindy Switzer

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Principles + Promises

Sourcing the best of the best in the floral industry is our mission and our unwavering promise to you. We pride ourselves on providing products that are not only of the highest quality but are also obtained in a local and sustainably responsible manner!


We are devoted to providing you with the most superior quality & competitively priced blooms and supplies on the market.

We source and bring in the finest of products in order to consistently provide you with materials that you can feel confident in and be proud to work with.

Our years of floral experience have shown us how essential it is to work with strong flowers and plants, of superior quality, as well as a varied selection of tools and accessories for designing. We are committed to sourcing the best quality products ~ tools, accessories, ribbons & vessels, many Canadian made and some here in BC! Superior quality florals & botanicals will set you and your designs apart from the rest and leave you with confidence, knowing you are receiving the highest caliber of product.


Seasonal, Local + Sustainable Flowers is our main priority. We love our planet earth and intend on doing all we can to conserve it!

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by bringing in the most local of products, re-use all plant & packing materials and recycle everything else that cannot be re-purposed!

We are proud to support our local flower farmers, the Slow Flower Movement as introduced by the wonderful Debra Prinzing. Helping to create balance within our community as well as within our own design practices ~ utilizing and designing with flowers that are grown within a 50 Mile radius brings awareness to responsible floristry practices as well as lending financial support back into our own community, which is essential now more than ever before. BLOOM BABY BLOOM!


We are here to connect with all of you! It is our aim to bring together every floral & botanical enthusiast in our community.

It is our purpose to create a collective hive of design & beauty. Please let us know how we can best serve you and your business to make your floral experience extraordinary! Whether you require fresh florals, plants, supplies or are wanting to take a workshop to learn more ~ let’s connect and make it happen! We are here to provide you with everything you require to make your plant and floral dreams a reality.

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Let's Work Together

We are excited to announce we will be hosting workshops & events where you will be inspired to create from an amazing selection of the freshest blooms, botanicals and supplies. Open to all Floral Artists, Designers, aspiring Floral Artists and Creatives alike in our fabulous new space ... we cannot wait to share it with all of you!

Our community is rich with creative individuals, savvy floral business owners & everyday bloom lovers and we are here to bring each and every one of you together to engage in a passion we all share!

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